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Coaching Tips - Corner Work

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Being caught or pushed into a corner by aggressive or stronger boxer can be a disadvantage to a boxer especially if the judges are using the card system to score the bout. Once you are in corner, the boxer with his back to the ropes will often find that his scoring options have dropped and control of the bout is in the his opponents hands. This is especially so if you are a tall boxer fighting a shorter more aggressive boxer. You must get out of the corner quickly.
Simple pivoting

The most common simple way to get out of the corner is, as your opponent is coming at you or leaning on you, pivots on the front foot and move the rear foot around to the left so you are now at the side of your opponent. Keep you hands up high close to you face while you pivoting. You are now in a good position to counter, as he turns to face you.

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Hooking out of the corner

This is a more advanced move that which is very safe and effective. While using the same simple pivot to move out of the corner, only this time you will throw a combination of left hooks at the same time. Throwing three or four fast, short left hooks at the same time as you pivot will bring your opponents hands up to guard his head, which will stop him punching you and at the same time pull you out of the corner.

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Crossing out of the corner

This technique is a more difficult move, and is used by experienced boxers. As your opponent is leaning on you move you right leg out to the right and throw a short burst of short right crosses while continuing to move to the right and to his side, be careful not to hit him in the back of the head.

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Turning an opponent.

 An opponent may lean on you or push you, which makes it hard to punch especially if you are a tall boxer with long arms, this can be frustrating to a boxer. The easiest way to counter this tactic is to put you hand on your opponents arm around the lower shoulder / bicep area and turn your body away from him. By using your opponent's weight against him, he will move forward with very little help. This will put him on the ropes and you in a countering position.
While it is illegal to grab or hold your opponent in Olympic style boxing the above technique is not considered holding if done fast and discreetly.


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