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At Bradricks boxing club you can participate in Olympic style boxing at any level, although we do pride ourselves on the competition side of our club.

Below -Sherwyn Watkins stopping an opponent

Competing at Bradricks is not a right but a select process of dedication, skill and hard work, I am afraid that just wanting to have a go is not a prerequisite to competing for Bradricks.

There are many aspects to being a competitive boxer and as we take, the safety of our boxers seriously and you will have to prove that you have the skills and strength to compete in competition.

When you join Bradricks you will be shown the basic foot work principles, basic punches and as you improve with the basics, additional skills will be given to you.

Once you are proficient at performing all of the basic of offence and defence skills you will start partner work, which is a non contact form of sparring where you practice your skills under in controlled situation.

You may, after you are feeling comfortable with your skill level ask one of Bradricks coaches if you can try some touch sparring. If the coach is happy with your progress he will allow you to spar in the boxing ring.

No sparring will take place at Bradricks unless there is a qualified boxing coach guiding you at all times.

You will start sparring with specific skills practice in mind and at a controlled level of power and speed, allowing you to gain the skills and defence before you start open sparring.

Below - Rocky Ajdukovic winning his last bout

Open sparring is the next stage of learning to box, the open sparring rules are that you obey the sparring code of conduct  and keep control at all times. In open sparring all boxing techniques are used to score points against your opponent and always practiced with a coach watching and giving advice on what is working and what to improve on.

The final stage of training for competition is competition sparring, which is as close to the real bout as possible in duration and pressure as practicable, good quality 16 oz moulded safety gloves See Olympro 16oz sparring gloves and full face head guard must be worn at all times.

If you complete this process, which will take around 6 - 9 months you will be asked if you would like to compete and if so you and your coach will select a date and your training volume and intensity will be increased. 


Bradricks does not enter boxers in competition that have trained and competed for other clubs in Western Australia in the previous 12 months.We are a fresh start boxing assoc member club. 

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