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Bradricks team Dan, Callum, Mike and Harry are of to compete in South  Australia, Bradricks boys won 3 out of 4 bouts with one draw going to a count back and SA jugdes preference. 
       Below Dan having his hand raised ofter his bout in South Aust


Callum Cassidy wins spot in Australian team bound for Cuba

Below, with dedication, hard work Harry, Callum and Mike 3 Bradricks Young legends with 43 wins from 49 local state bouts between them, these three boxers are setting an example for all young Wa boxers.


Mike and Callum after winning their state title bouts on Staturday
Mike also beat a record that has stood for 27 years by winning 10 out of 10 bouts thats Richard one of his coach's record made in 1982 winning his first 8 bouts.

Harry takes on one of the best and scores a great win in the Ringsport Golden gloves, a great win for young up and coming WA boxer.
                                   Well done Harry 8-8-2009

Mike made it 7 wins from 7 bouts a great start to year for him
Callum wins a hard fought fight and show that he is one of WA up and coming stars.

ROCKY  Wins gold at Arafura championships in Darwin, Rocky beat both of his opponents to win gold  2009       14 May 2009

RICKI wins his first bout with style and fight of the night for his skilfull display.            19-6-2009
Ivan gives away 14kg on 4 days notice, to fight in the White collar
boxing tournament although Ivan did not pay the $10000 to fight he gave 100% to make it a great fight and his first win in his first bout. They called him Ivan the terrible but every scoring punch came from Russia with love.  6 May 2009

Mike an Harry stay on there winning paths Mike 4 wins from 4 Harry 4 from 5
Both boxers winning 2009 state novice championships
Harry and Callum and Mike after winning the 54kg and the 60 kg novice titles

         MIKE SHAVES IT FOR CHARITY raising $300
Mike raised $300 for cancer research and gave the club a good laugh

Looking Serious                      looking  worried            oh s^*t its gone

Rocky with 2 out of 2 for July 2008

Sherwin wins his first bout for the year, a great first bout puts Sherwyn on top again July 2008

16 year old Callem having his hand raised after winning his first bout 14 to 4
Callem has now made it 2 from 2  July 2008


12 year old Angus 2 looking a very happy winner after is first bout, looking every part     the boxer of style after his win on Friday   May 2008


Rocky wins against tough fight against former state rep   Oct 2008

ANGUS MAKES IT 3 out 3                                         21-9-2007

Angus's bout with 2004 Olympian Anthony Little was expected to be a hard fight for Angus to win, and it was down 5-2 in the first the signs were ominous. To Angus that was just a sign that he can do it and slowly round by round Angus took back the points, winning each round after that.

 MARCO DOES IT AGAIN                                          31 - 8 2007
In only his second bout and second win showed good skills to over come a strong opponent, Marco boxed well over through out the 3 rounds to win this bout his coach mentioned that it has given Marco a good base to work from pointing out that there are things to work on. 
                            Marco after a tough bout

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After taking on a Jarrad Fletcher the 75kg Commonwealth gold medilist in his last   bout and doing well. Rocky came back to Perth and showed what a big help the high level competition can be to a up and coming boxer. His last bout with Anthony Princie was a hard fought 4 rounder with Rocky winning 21-17 quite close.
His bout with Anthony of Friday was not so close 17 - 3 to Rocky with Rocky showing speed, skill and strenght to make it look easy. The second round Anthony starting of strong and scoring early with Rocky having one thing in mind and it was not defence. The bout was stopped half way through the round by the computer with the score 26-6, the computor may have been a little biased.
This would surely be Rocky's best victory so far in his boxing career.


LINLEY TAKES IT IN HER STRIDE                                 25- 5-2007
Linley giving away 5Kg or 10% of her body weight to get a bout, showed great skills to out point her opponent.
Linley fought Kirsty from the boxing shed gym in Pinjarra, the first round was all Linley's out pointing Kirsty 10 to 2 scoring on the inside with good body shots on
on the taller Kirsty. Kirsty came back in the 2nd round using her size and strength to put the pressure on Linley 16 - 9. Linley went hard in the 3 round with a lead of 7 points to win the fight
SHERWYN AND ROCKY make the state team, of to Canberra                  5/3/2007
 Rocky Adjukovic and Sherwyn Watkins are off to Canberra to fight the best in Australia for a position in the Australian team to compete in the Ociania championships.

    Rocky is congradulated by Sherwyn after his win againts Anthony Princie
ANGUS, WITH HIS NEW STYLE                 9-1-2007
Angus Hann was nominated by Boxing WA as Junior sports star of the year
A great way to cap of 2006 after winning all of his 12 bouts in 2006 including the Australian Title, he spent last night mixing with WA sporting elite. Not only was he a nominee but he was also selected to be a awards presenter (Cushie little number)  he did WA boxing proud. Well done.

BRADRICKS COACHES AND ANGUS at the ANZ sports star awards
It was a great night for all of Bradricks coaches.(Some how Brad got us all on the main stage for a photo) Good bottle of red!!

2007 OF TO A FLYING START     8-1-2007
The Bradricks competitors are back from their Christmas break and rearing to go, the 2007 season is going to be a big one for many of our boxers. Open class boxers and novices are back training hard for the next bouts
Bradricks will be entering novices in the
Seniors men at 75kg, 69kg, 64kg, 60kg
Senior Girls at 48-50kg
Juniors men at 52kg
While our coaches will be getting the novices ready the open class boys will be ready to compete in the Oceania challenges bouts during the novice titles bouts.

LINLEY HILL TAKES IT IN HER STRIDE                    DEC 1 2006

What A fight Lin put on, giving away 6KG to get a fight she boxed brilliantly, showing skills way beyond her time. Although the bout had to be a exhibition because of the weight difference the scoring punches spoke for themselves.
WELL DONE LINLEY, we will see alot more out of her in the future

3 OUT OF 3 Bradricks boxers do it again. November 11th 2006
Marco, Luke, Peter after there wins.

 Peter Green
was up first against a boxer from Freo Pcyc, Peter was a little nervous coming into the bout but that quickly changed to excitement in the last 10 minutes of warm up. Pete came out of his corner ready to take it easy in the first round, to feel out his opponent, Petes idear changed after the first minute and he turned it on and forced the ref to stop the bout in the 2nd minute. Short and sweet for Pete well done.

Marco Lopez was the next boxer up, Marco has been training hard and it showed he was very relaxed and in control, his fitness was good and he put a great display of boxing winning every round. All rounds were close but Marco's punches were clean and direct giving the judges clean shots to score. A great first bout well done.

Luke Wilson was the last bout of our boys to fight on the night and he show great boxing skills against and kid with a lot of heart and potential from Urban gym. Lukes evasive skills combined with clean straight punches made it look easy for him, Look out novice titles here we come. 

 3 OUT OF 3

May 2006
Friday night was another great night for Bradricks gym with three boxers all winning their bouts.

First up was Rocky, winning every round and saving his best for the last round pulling away with some hard scoring punches in the red corner almost stopping his opponent. Rocky's fitness and relaxed state of mind was evident in this win.
Below South paw Rocky about to strike.


3 OUT OF 3 AGAIN March 2006

Bradricks boys again showed that straight punches "Win fights"

 First timer Luke Wilson (above) from Bradricks gym took on Franco Iann from Nicks gym. As expected Franco came after Luke with all barrels blasting, Luke was on the defensive, as he moved away he was scoring on the shorter opponent Franco. First round 6-9 to Luke.

Richard Davis his coach asked Luke to be 6 points ahead at the end of the 2nd, Luke went a little better with a score of 9-18. The fight ended with Franco retiring hurt with a shoulder injury in the 3rd round. Well done.


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