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Non-Competitive Boxing

 MON - WED - TUE - THUR 6.30 - 7.30

Boxing skills training for fitness and self-defence

At Bradricks boxing club you can be part of the club as a non competition boxer who trains for skills, fitness and self defence with out the pressure of competition. All boxing skills are practiced and you become proficient at boxing and would be able to defend yourself if need be. As a non competitive boxer sparring is not a part of the class, although it is available when and if you ask for it.Partner work is a part of the class.
In the non competitive classes all boxer train in a structured class run by one of the Bradricks coaches,
During most classses there will be a warm up and exercise section, bag and fitness work, and a skills and partner work section.
You can come into the gym 15 minutes early at 5pm and start warming up, you may want to skip, go for a jog, stretch, its up to you untill 5.15pm when the coach will take the group warm up. It will consist of skipping, stretching and basic exercises and some times a short run.It will include ab work, strength work shabow boxing.
Coaches will try to vary the warm up as much as possible, though its hard to vary it to much, it can be very hard or relatively easy depending on the coach and will last around 15 minutes
Boxers will be directed to what the coach has in mind, it may be bag work, round pad, hands or pad sparring or a combination of all.
A typical session may be 3x2 minutes with 30 second breaks on the bag followed by 3x2 on the round pads with a partner alternating with no breaks, combined with 30 second sprints at the end of each round.
There may be strength work combined with bag work ie:15 second sprint on the bags with 10 push up together x 5 sets, that hurts.
Skills and partner work is a big part of Bradricks training, learning the skills that competitors need to win fights is what its all about.You will practice offence and defence skills where you may attack your partner in a controlled sequence which your coach has asked for and your partner will defend against that attack.Partner work is the practice of boxings skills in a controlled manner, working with your partner in a "as real" situation with out the contact. There can be some touch contact but it is not the intention of the practice unless you are a competitor practicing with higher intensity.
Below photo of class partner work

is the next step in your boxing training, this is an optional part of training and you will have to ask your coach if you want to participate It is only practiced in the boxing ring and with a qualified coach over seeing the training. One partner will be asked to throw certain punches and you will then defend the attack in your own time using any technique, this type of training is a great way to see how you are progressing. 
Below photo of controlled sparring. Angus Hann, 52 fights (Australian champ) practicing with Peter Green (1 fight 1 win)



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