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Code of Conduct: Boxers



By registering as a competitor with Bradricks boxing club, which is a member or affiliate of, Boxing WA inc a boxer accepts responsibility for complying with the code of conduct detailed below. The boxer also agrees the consequences of any breach of the code of conduct. These may include:

- Disqualification during a bout.
- Suspension from the club.
- Banning from the club.


Whilst a member Bradricks Boxing club, boxers will as well as adhering to the Regulations of Boxing WA inc

1. Respect and follow the directions of Bradricks coaches and team leaders.

2. Comply to, Bradricks gym's sparring policy at all times.

3. Show sportsmanship and respect towards your fellow club members at all times.

4. Do not drinking alcohol during any local or interstate tournament.

5. Respect the facilities and equipment of Bradricks boxing club.
6. Be a positive role model.

7. Show respect and humility to your opponent at all times while boxing.

8. Be aware of, and maintain an uncompromising adherence to Bradricks standards, rules and policies. 
9. Refrain from the use of violence or abusive language as it is strictly prohibited.     

I,                                     , in applying for membership of Bradricks Boxing gym acknowledge that I have, by such application, read and agreed to comply with the above Code of Conduct

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