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While being a member and training at any boxing club or martial arts gym there are always a cost involved and while Bradricks trys to keep it prices down, there are many cost involved in keeping a privately owned gym open.
While most members at Bradricks are working and are comfortable with the fees that are charged some members for many reasons may find it difficult to pay fees regularly.
There are many young champions out there that for many reasons may not ever enter a boxing gym and discover their true potential.
At Bradricks most coaches give there time purly for the love of the sport with no monetary return.
Bradricks management (coaches) have decided to grant training scolarships to a few worthy pupils, the scholarships will
offer free training and equipment to the pupil.


1. The selected pupil will have to show talent and dedication to the sport.
2. Be of good character.
3. Have the desire to compete.
4. Show examples of genuine potential as young person.

The students may in return be asked to help out at the gym on occasions.
The first boxer will be selected soon.

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